The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis
The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis
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The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis


Welcome to Brodie McHaggis                                                                                                             

Brodie McHaggis and the Secret of Loch NessThe haggis believes that people are simply myth.  After centuries of peaceful living in a world apart from the Scottish Highlands, a young haggis is about to change that when he goes in search of the truth.

Brodie's hunger for the truth sends him into a turmoil of magical adventure as he returns to the Highlands and befriends a young girl, Erin.  But he is unaware that the haggis's oldest and darkest enemy is waiting for him.  All this just the day before the Burns Supper - where haggis is on the menu.  Can he escape the Highlands without being discovered … and without revealing the Secret of Loch Ness?  

His debut adventure, Brodie McHaggis and the Secret of Loch Ness, follows Brodie on his search for the truth behind the myths and legends.  He is quickly becoming a a household name as readers travel with him on his mission to find out the truth.  Loch Ness holds an ocean of mysteries, but only one secret – willBrodie McHaggis and the Curse of the Scotch Mist he discover it?

Brodie's second adventure, "The Curse of the Scotch Mist" follows him through another perilous journey as he continues his fight to free the haggis from extinction.

Fun-tastic adventures for all the family.  Funny, full of mystery and truly magical.  Brodie meets a host of new and exciting characters, with some of Scotland’s great myths and legends brought to life.  His story is set in the other world that exists around us.  A world that, generally, only children and animals can see because adults are too busy to notice.  When your cat or dog seems to be staring at, or chasing nothing but fresh air, think again ... think - 'the other world'.  But, do so with caution because once this world has been entered, there is no telling what will happen and there is no going back.  Enter Brodie's world to begin the adventure.               

The Haggis The Secret of Loch Ness