Brodie McHaggis and the Secret of Loch Ness



  • Paperback : 175 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0955138604
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0955138607
  • Publisher : Chloe Publishing (1 Dec 2005)
  • Language: : English
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The haggis believes that people are simply myth.  After centuries of peaceful living in a world apart from the Scottish Highlands, a young haggis is about to change that when he goes in search of the truth.

In his first adventure, Brodie’s hunger for the truth sends him into a turmoil of magical adventure as he returns to the Highlands and befriends a young girl, Erin.  But he is unaware that the haggis’s oldest and darkest enemy is waiting for him.  All this just the day before the Burns Supper where haggis is on the menu.  Can he escape the Highlands without being discovered … and without revealing the Secret of Loch ness?

A fun-tastic novel for all the family.

Funny, full of suspense.  Truly magical.

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